Wes Holing

Wes Holing

Hi! I’m a tech worker who’s been working within the nonprofit sector and volunteering with political organizations for more than 10 years. I enjoy collaborating on projects with other advocates for social good and organizing to make a real impact on the lives of regular people.



Front-End Web Development

I've been writing standards-based HTML, CSS, and JavaScript for more than 20 years. I follow best practices, but also know that sometimes done is better than perfect.

UX Design

I enjoy considering the entire experience from the user's perspective and offering one that is meaningful and frictionless.


Good SEO starts with good content, written for people and not machines. Finding it, though, means making it accessible for both.

Web Design

From graphics to layout, single-page designs to full sites, I prefer a clean design that's elegant and engaging.


My background is in journalism, and it's served me well when it comes to writing clear and compelling copy.

Photo editing

I'm very comfortable in Photoshop, turning flat photos into dynamic visuals and incorporating them into dazzling graphics.

Data Visualization

I'm handy with Google Analytics and Tag Manager, collecting accurate data and presenting in dashboards and infographics.